Student Phase-In for Groups 5-7 (Kindergarten - Grade 6)

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Teaching and Learning at our School During a Pandemic Presentation


Air Ventilation Talking Points

The talking points on this topic are now in the School Board Shared Google Folder under Talking Points/Return to School and posted to the FCPS website for public access.


Recording of SLES Student Phase-In Community Meeting


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Questions and Feedback From Families

As we move forward in our school year, we know that regardless of the setting (in-person or 100% virtual), all students will still be learning virtually as part of their school routine. On October 28, we met as a community to discuss the phase-in process for Stratford Landing and FCPS as a whole. We invite all of our families to view the questions and feedback presented at this community meeting. There are some questions that will need to be directed to Region 3 Leadership, the Superintendent's Office, and your school board member. Other questions below will be followed up with an answer in bold italic.

Questions To Direct To Region 3 Leadership, The Superintendent’s Office and Your School Board Member

These are questions and specific feedback that you should direct to Region 3 Leadership, the Superintendent’s Office and your school board member.

I am confused with the triggers for moving to in-person learning related to regional/state COVID-19 trends. Current trends both locally and state-wide are increasing...yet it seems like the drive to go to in-person is strong. This is a stark difference from earlier policies, and confusing to say the least. I get that there is an option to remain virtual, but I'm disappointed in the lack of information regarding how COVID trends are informing the decisions. FCPS has been outstanding so far with information flow, but now that we're aiming to head back, it seems like there are some fingers in proverbial ears.

Opening in-person schools during the winter is there a policy on snow days? Would they revert to virtual learning?


What happens between Nov 30- Jan 4 if you have multiple students? Leave one kid at home alone while running the other to school?


Having the students in school from 10:10am to 4:50pm is very problematic. Is there any consideration of making the day begin and end earlier?


The county indicated that childcare will be provided for staff, if that is true, and they are there 4-5 days a week, doesn't that defeat the purpose of having separate cohorts?


Virtual learning has been going really well for our student. We have a good routine down and feel like, just as we're getting comfortable, we're being thrown into a new situation again. It's frustrating.


Is the new bell schedule set in stone for Stratford Landing? 4:50pm is way too late for kids to get out of school. This also would be zero after school activities or sports.


What metrics are they using to determine if schools need to revert back to being all virtual again? Someone asked Dr. Brabrand about this at the town hall and his answer was vague.


Why do we have to decide by Friday? High school is giving us until Nov 6.


I’m concerned about my child getting home so late if the schedule shifts. We come to AAP, and the bus ride is already half an hour. During rush hour it will be significantly longer.


What has changed that now it is deemed safe to attend schools where it wasn't in March, August, etc.? The same social distancing measures were going to be in place in August and it was deemed best to go all virtual. Why send the kids back now as we are heading into Fall/Winter when cases are only likely to rise?


Is there a reason that information about concurrent teaching and the impacts it will have on 100 percent virtual students are just being brought up now? Seems like releasing this information 2 days before a decision is due could sway peoples to feel like their kids are going to lose on out quality education and instruction time if they decide to remain virtual


Is this true that students will end class at 4:50 pm? That makes absolutely no sense to me. What's the rational for this?


I am concerned about the transition primary kids will go through by transitioning back to school in November, and then in January coming back to a 10-4:50 schedule. This is a lot of shifting for a group of kids who, while resilient, thrive on consistency and routine.


If school doesn't open until 10:10 in January, will there be any sort of before school options for those parents who work full-time?


Who is responsible for validating that busses are being sanitized between each group of students? Follow up: What is the purpose of splitting "co-horts" if kids from all different grades are on the same bus?

Questions About The FCPS/SLES Resurvey

Questions about the FCPS/SLES resurvey of families for in-person or virtual learning

Given that in the concurrent model the teacher is always accommodating both in-person and online students, would there be the option for someone to choose in-person, but if that isn't working for their child, to retreat to fully online?

Yes. Your child would then participate virtually still using a concurrent teaching model. We are asking families to honor their October 30th choice. Moving students back and forth will create additional scheduling challenges and create additional work for our teachers.


How will the school handle a situation in which a family signs up for in person school for their child and changes their mind at a later date to not attend in person based on COVID case #s at a later date (eg- Jan, Feb start dates)?

We encourage you to consider metrics now and use current data for decision making.


Given Dr. Brabrand‘s announcement extending the end of the quarter, what changes does that mean for SLES students?

We don’t anticipate any adverse impact.


If we decide to opt for all-virtual learning in January, will my children keep the same teachers, or be assigned to new classes?

We are asking families to honor your October 30th decision.


Will there be another opportunity to assess our virtual/in-person choices between Oct 30 and the end of the school year?

There are no additional family surveys planned at this time.


Will students who were reassigned to SLES because they selected 100% virtual have the option to go back to their base schools now that FCPS is using a concurrent model?

Is this a PAC specific question? If so, you should contact your child’s teacher. There are no other circumstances of students being assigned to Stratford Landing during virtual learning.


If we keep our student virtual through the winter, any chance that we would be able to revisit our decision in the spring after cold and flu season?

We will assess current conditions at that time. We ask families to honor your October 30th choice.


Do we have to re submit what we want to do if it's the same as the fall decision?

No, you only need to respond to this survey if you are CHANGING your decision from July 2020.


With the concurrent model, is there more flexibility for us to begin with in-person, but to "retreat" to 100% online if it isn't working for us?

Yes. Your child would then participate virtually still using a concurrent teaching model. We are asking families to honor their October 30th choice. Moving students back and forth will create additional scheduling challenges and create additional work for our teachers.

Questions About Concurrent Instruction

Questions about Concurrent Instruction

Will SLES teachers be teaching concurrently? Teaching the in-person students at the same time as the virtual?



If kids go back to the classroom, will the teacher be focused on in-person learning, or will they be expected to teach in-person AND on-line at the same time?



Will teachers be teaching to students in-person AND at home via Blackboard Collab at the same time?



Will in person instruction strictly one on one or will there be small groups work? What will that look like? The video shows students with laptops in front of them.

Will they simply be watching the in-person class or will there still be virtual "face to face" interaction?

During a school day, a teacher will interact with in-person students and virtual students. All students will have access to whole group, small group and one on one instruction throughout the week. Sometimes this will be simultaneously for all students, sometimes the teacher will just be focused on virtual students and sometimes the teacher will just be focused on in-person students. Virtual students will have face to face time with their teacher T-F.


Are there any circumstances in which the in-person students might be taught by an online teacher with an aide in the classroom?

We are trying to avoid this scenario at Stratford Landing.


For children that choose the in-person option, will their 2 virtual days have the same schedule as they do currently? Or will they simply be at home observing the other kids/teacher in the building having their in-person instruction?

The virtual schedule will change. Virtual students will have time to interact and engage with their teacher T-F.


What will the virtual students be doing while the in school students are going through their in person orientation?

Virtual students may be able to participate in some of these activities; teacher carries a laptop and going on a walk with the class. Mrs. Wegner took her class with her on our first fire drill of the school year last week. It was great.

Virtual students will always have asynchronous work and expectations. Students can always write, read, draw, watching educational media and engage in learning chores or tasks around the house, such as helping measure ingredients while cooking.


To what extent will virtual students be able to interact with the in-person students? Will it be one community in the classroom or two?

We are One Stratford. We are one community. We will promote lots of interactions, I believe. Our teachers are clever and innovative. They are making education history. We by no means mean to downplay the massive challenge that is heading our way, but our teachers are going to excel.


Seems clear emphasis of teacher attention will be on in person students. How much time will virtual students get attention from the teacher versus in person students?

Will online students get more asynchronous time when school starts because their teacher will be occupied with in-person students?

How will teachers tackle small group?

How do you do small group when the group is composed of both in person and virtual students?

Will full-time virtual students be in classes that are taught concurrently? And if so, how does that work if the teacher's main focus are the in-person students?

Will teacher table groups be "all in person" and "all online" groups, or will those be mixed as well?

In the beginning of implementation of the concurrent teaching model our in-person students are likely to get more attention and focus. We have caring, thoughtful teachers that will brainstorm ways to involve and include virtual students in the first few weeks of our implementation of a concurrent teaching model.

Our goal at SLES is to implement a sustainable model that creates a sense of balance between time spent with in-person and virtual learners. As implementation gets more complex and our teachers feel successful, we will see a more intimate, interconnected school day where all students, virtual and in-person, are learning independently, learning with their peers both in school and at home and they have direct learning time with their teachers. This will be our work, our focus and our purpose through Spring 2021.   


Will the students who are virtual be able to hear and see the kids in the classroom?



Will there be support teachers for break outs in virtual learning? Will online children ever be called on to participate other than morning meeting?



Has the pivot/concurrent model been piloted yet?

Yes. Successful reports have been shared. Pilot schools will share findings with the School Board on Nov 12.


During concurrent instruction, will 6th graders continue to work with multiple teachers for math, LA, and S/SS? (we like All our teachers!)

We are unsure as to what departmentalization will look like at 6th grade.


With the concurrent teaching model, might the Kindergarten teacher assistants monitor the students who are learning at home?

Yes. Instructional Assistants will work with virtual and in-person students.


What about if a kid needs help with an assignment but the teacher is working with a different group? like if you were online but the teacher was working with in-person students.

This is no different from a typical school day in the sense that there are times in a traditional school day where students can’t ask the teacher for help. Families and teachers together can foster problem-solving and independence in students and provide them strategies for what to do when they need help or are unclear how to complete an assignment or task. 


On slide 10 of the presentation, it shows ALL students in black and additional asynchronous work for online students. What are you taking away from their lesson at that time?

The content students interact with virtually will not be taken away. The biggest difference all virtual students will notice is the change in time of direct interaction with their teacher. Virtual students will still have face to face opportunities during the school day.


Will virtual learners no longer have teacher table times during concurrent instruction?

No. Virtual students will still have teacher table time.


During concurrent instruction, will Google Classroom continue for assigning and tracking work? It's been really helpful.



When concurrent instruction is in full swing, will the SLES day change to different hours? I heard some schools will be 10-5 because of buses

When Group 7, Gr 3-6 return in Jan 2021, our bell schedule will change. We are unsure how this will impact our virtual schedule.

Questions About Class Placements and Teacher Changes

Questions about Class Placements and Teacher Changes

What is the likelihood students’ teachers will change?

Will virtual students stay in the same class/teacher?

If students opting to remain virtual have their class assignment changed, are they guaranteed to be with an SLES teacher?

What is your current expectation in terms of whether students will be able to stay with their current teacher / class?

Will the all virtual students remain with current teachers?

We do not anticipate major changes to class groupings. We do not anticipate a reason for a SLES student to be instructed by a non SLES teacher. One of the goals of the concurrent instructional model is to keep more students together in current class placements. With a concurrent model, a virtual student can learn from virtual AND in-person teachers – really, any adult with a laptop and connection!


With what you know now, do you expect that students who opt for fully online will remain with their current teacher / class in a concurrent model, or be taught by dedicated online teacher?

We anticipate most virtual students will remain with their current teacher and learn through the concurrent model.


“Will our students get to stay with their current teacher regardless of our decision to send them in-person?”

In most instances a student will be able to stay with their current teacher in-person.


We want to know if our child will be moved to a different class PRIOR to making a decision about his return to school. This will make a huge impact on our decision

It really is hard to make this decision if we don't know if the teacher will change.

We do not anticipate major changes to class groupings.  


Can a list of teachers who will be teaching in-person/virtual be provided prior to us giving a decision on our child's educational setting? Some schools have already posted which teachers will be online and which will be in-person, will SLES do something similar?



I have an AAP student and we chose virtual over the summer. If you assemble a full virtual class, will it still be full AAP and is there a higher chance it will be a different teacher who needs to teach virtually?

Your student can continue learning virtually with the same teacher using the concurrent model.

Questions About Bell Schedules and Adjustments

Questions about Virtual/In-Person Bell Schedules and Adjustments

Do you anticipate significant changes to the current schedule? (And if so, will there still be an overlapping lunch break time for the whole family?).

Yes, the virtual school day schedule will change. We may be able to make updates to lunch.


Will the grade 3-6 bell schedule be different than grades K-2?



So we are losing our enrichment monday groups? How will they be replaced?

There will be opportunity for teacher table time at other times through the week.


If the SLES bell schedule is changing will that also apply to 100% virtual Classes?

We do not have information on how a bell schedule change would impact the virtual schedule in Jan 2021.

Questions About Traveling To and From School

Questions about Traveling To and From School

I assume that there will be less students on bus now since only 50% are attending.

Will there be buses provided or will there be a Kiss and Ride? How will the transportation schedule work in the return to school plan with a new bell schedule? How are they making it safe? What will it look like?

Schools will be sending bus transportation information to parents before the start of in-person learning. Seating capacity will be reduced to allow for social distancing. Temperature checks will be done at the bus stop. As more students return, daily temperature checks for all students may need to be reconsidered.

  • Parents and guardians of elementary students in grades PreK-6 and students identified as Must Be Met will be required to accompany their child at the bus stop each day. Must Be Met students include those students whose IEP indicates they must be accompanied to the bus stop (and school if they walk or parent transports) in both the morning and afternoon.
  • Students demonstrating a temperature greater than or equal to 100.4° Fahrenheit will not be able to board the bus and will be sent home with the parent/guardian.
  • A student not accompanied by a parent/guardian registering a temperature will not be able to board the bus, however school staff will contact the parent to meet the student at the bus stop.
  • Students are reminded to wear a face coverings when riding the school bus
  • Students will be required to sit in seats as marked on the school bus. Social distancing on buses in accordance with health and safety protocols
  • Bus stop information will be available at the school and in ParentVUE.
  • Here Comes the Bus app is available and provides school bus arrival information.
  • As students return to the school building for face to face instruction, schools will operate on the 2020-21 bell schedule (check your school website for the bell schedule) until such time it is necessary to transition to the hybrid bell schedule (anticipated by second semester). We do not expect changes to the bell schedules for students in Group 5 or Group 6 as they return to school throughout November. As larger groups of students return for in-person learning, we do anticipate changes to the bell schedule, as shared during the School Board Work Session on June 15, 2020. We do not know the exact date when bell schedules will change as it is dependent on how many families select in-person learning for students. The bell schedule adjustment will also be necessary due to social distancing requirements which limit capacity on school buses. A bell schedule change will impact both in-person learning as well as students who are doing full-time virtual learning. Schools will update families as decisions are made.


If there will be a kiss and ride drop off, can we be assured that a staff member will make sure that our kindergartener make it to their classroom in the morning, and into the correct car during pick up? I'm not comfortable with my child wandering off on his own to find me on Riverside.

We will have SLES staff strategically placed throughout campus to ensure all students are monitored and directed to the appropriate locations.


How will you navigate kiss and rides getting kids to the right cars without parents blocking the road on riverside?

We will utilize previous kiss and ride practices. We are examining a possible staggered arrival approach to cut down on traffic. We will have additional staff to support traffic flow.


Will the students be taking all of their supplies back and forth to school? For instance, my 1st grader lugging her laptop, 4 notebooks, counters, play dough, water colors, magnetic letters, etc *to* school on Tuesday, and then home again on Wednesday (if she was assigned T/W)? It is literally a small bin worth of equipment plus the computer.

We are brainstorming around this. We welcome ideas and possible solutions from families. We need to determine what is necessary to come to and from school and what can stay put in the classroom in a personal space untouched by other students.

Questions About The School Day

Questions about the School Day

At school, in person, how will the long breaks be handled? Will it be free play, screen time, small group work? Will it depend on grade? Will our small group time with the teacher get moved to her in person days?

What will the two long breaks look like (1st grade, 11:20 - 12:50, and 2pm - 3:15pm) for in-person learning. What will the children do during these blocks of time?

What will mask breaks look like? Will these be consistent breaks build into the schedule? What happens to outdoor breaks and mask breaks when it's under 32 degrees or it is raining?

The great news is we didn’t forget how to teach students in-person! Teachers will use this time for additional instruction, hygiene breaks, mask breaks, recess, etc. Hygiene and mask breaks will be regularly scheduled. Our cafeteria will be an option for a large open space mask break area. We also have another large room that is a possibility for masks breaks during inclement weather.


What does Recess look like? Will multiple classes have recess at the same time? If so, how many?

What does recess look like we you can’t use the playground?

Students will not use the playground. Students will practice social distancing. Students will wear masks or have personal space for mask breaks. Masks may be removed during physical education classes held outdoors when 10 feet of social distancing can be maintained.

We will likely only have 1 class at recess at a time. Students will have access to the field and blacktop. Students will be encouraged to make up games and create their own safe activities during recess. Students can read, write or draw. Some Dr. Recess games could be implemented with social distancing. Students will not share equipment.

Shared equipment, such as playground equipment, balls, ropes, and other items will not be used during recess. School staff will encourage students to play games or activities that minimize close physical contact and allow for social distancing unless otherwise directed by an FCPS staff member. Face coverings may be temporarily removed during recess, while under the supervision of school staff, as long as social distancing can be maintained at a distance of 10 feet or more at all times. Students will wash their hands with soap for at least 20 seconds before returning to class. 


Will lunch be eaten in the classroom? What about snacks?

Students will eat meals in classrooms in small groups whenever possible. If students bring lunch from home, they should use disposable bags when possible (no lunch boxes). FCPS will offer grab and go lunches for all students. If students use the cafeteria, seating will be assigned. Masks will be required when students wait in the cafeteria line, but not required when eating. For students participating in virtual learning, grab and go meals are still available to all FCPS students at school sites and on bus routes.


What will specials look like?

Specials are in-person. Virtual students will still attend. For some specials, such as PE, students will travel to specials. For other specials the teacher will come to the classroom.


What will PE look like?

PE will be outside when possible. Some guidance for Physical Education:

Students should wash/sanitize hands when entering and exiting gym/activity space.

Recommended social distancing during physical activity is 10 feet; capacity of facility limited to 50% or 250, whichever is less.

Adapted physical education classes need a separate teaching area with space to maintain social distancing.

Face coverings:

Must be worn during physical education classes held in indoor spaces except during high intensity activity where they may cause difficulty breathing and 10 feet of social distancing can be maintained.

May be removed during physical education classes held outdoors when 10 feet of social distancing can be maintained.

Any time 10 feet of social distancing is not possible during physical education (indoors or outdoors) face coverings must be worn.

Students should be advised to have a second face covering to wear if the original becomes sweaty.

Sharing of equipment should be minimized. Whenever possible, students should have their own equipment which will be cleaned between classes.

Physical education equipment, mats, and weights will be cleaned by the teacher using Virex II 256.

Students will need their own water bottle.

Use markings such as floor tape, cones, or poly spots to indicate student space that maintains social distancing.

Teachers should not use whistles.


Will kids be given opportunity to leave classroom (outdoor recess? cafeteria? library?) Can playground equipment be used?

How will hallways and bathrooms be handled? How much of the day will students spend outdoors? How much space between student seating in the classrooms?

We will talk walks around campus, have hygiene and mask breaks and use outdoor spaces for learning when possible. Students will not use communal equipment. Visual cues for 6ft distancing will be posted throughout campus. Teachers will teach hallway and bathroom routines. Our custodians will be regularly sanitizing high touch surface areas and walls. FCPS cleaning personnel will be sanitizing and disinfecting restrooms more frequently. Their cleaning protocol will include thoroughly disinfecting and sanitizing all surfaces, doors, toilets, and handles, and ensuring that all supplies are always fully stocked. SLES building supervisor and administration will ensure cleaning protocols are being met.


Will in-person students learn on their laptops the whole day? If not, when will they have non-screen-based learning?

No. Students will not learn or engage on their laptop all day during in-person learning. Sometimes students will use technology and sometimes students will have non-screen-based learning opportunities.


Will PAC students remaining all virtual be taught by teachers who are teaching exclusively virtual, or will PAC teachers' attention be split between the kids in their classrooms and kids on a screen?

We have a dedicated virtual PAC teacher.


With Monday turning into an asynchronous day, how/when will Level ii/iii AAP receive their enrichment?

How will you accommodate the AAP pull out? What does that look like?

The schedule will be updated to support students T-F.


Will live sessions continued to be recorded and posted to be viewed?


Questions About School Staffing, Substitutes and Other Supports

Questions about School Staffing, Substitutes and Other Supports

Does the school have our own school nurse?



What happens if my child’s teacher is out sick on one of their 2 scheduled in person days? Will my child stay home and to asynchronous work that day?

Students would still come to school. We would work to secure a substitute teacher or cover the class internally (Instructional assistant, admin, etc.)


The teaching staff has been amazing. And now they are being asked to teach differently again. How can we help support our amazing SLES teachers?

If you're already anticipating a negative impact on families who elect to stay 100 percent virtual, what steps is the administration taking to mitigate those impacts?

What support is being given to the teachers in terms of extra help in the classroom by either the administration or the county to help the teachers balance the initial workload while everyone adjusts to the "new way" of doing things?

Will you hire assistants to help the teachers in the classroom?

Send our teachers an FCPS Cares notes; kind words and feedback go a long way!

FCPS and SLES will provide teachers appropriate professional development to support a successful transition to concurrent instruction. Rewind to August and remember concerns about virtual learning. PD that teachers received, and their own expertise and professional drive, enabled a seamless transition. Many of our virtual learning communities are thriving and that is a testament to the work learning, professional growth and implementation of professional knowledge from our teachers.

We are making technology purchases to ensure all teachers have the tools and resources they need to teach concurrently.

Teacher workdays were added to provide teachers ample time to prepare for students to return to in-person learning.

Internally, we have tried to clear Monday afternoons so teachers can focus on induvial and grade level planning and preparation.

We are looking at securing county monitors and other hourly employees to support students and staff during concurrent learning.


What kind of support will teachers have in the classroom to handle inevitable technology, behavioral, or other problems? Issues would impact in-person and online students.

We will ensure our technology specialists are available to support teachers. All 3 administrators are available to support teachers in-person and virtually. In many instances, we will follow pre-covid expectations and procedures to support teachers and students. 

Questions About Attendance

Questions about Attendance

How will absences be counted? If my daughter has a mild runny nose, we will of course be staying at home. I assume she can join the virtual class even on her in person day. Is this correct? Will she still be counted present if she is on the virtual side when she is supposed to be in person? Is attendance still counted basically at the morning meeting?”

We do not have guidance at this time about monitoring in-person and virtual attendance. In emergencies or unusual circumstances as you suggest, in-person students could access learning virtually on their unscheduled days.


In regards to the bell schedule, what is the attendance policy for students that attend/participate in afterschool activities and need to leave early 2-3x a week?

We discourage regularly picking up students early from school. This time adds up over the school year and can equal many absent school days. Early releases will be documented on a student’s attendance record.

Questions About Family Volunteers

Questions about Family Volunteers

“Will you be taking volunteers? I just don’t see how one person can manage 11 in person 6 year olds, plus 11 MORE on the computer with all of the technology challenges, microphone unmuting, and general unrest that online learning creates. How can she be teaching and correcting a classroom of children, and watching for social distancing safety and managing who has to go to the rest room, PLUS watching raised hands online. I do not see how it is physically possible. I suppose you won’t know how it will work until we try, but ARE you taking parent volunteers?”

If you are not taking volunteers, are you considering extra teachers’ aids?

Parent volunteers - doesn't that upend the idea of keeping the number of people are kids are exposed to a minimum?

Will the ban on parent volunteers be lifted so someone can be in the classroom with solo teachers to help this be doable?

SLES will not be inviting family volunteers into the school. The current language from FCPS is, “No one other than the FCPS employee is permitted to accompany the staff member in the classroom”. 

Questions About Student Health, Safety and Wellness

Questions about Student Health, Safety and Wellness

Many of these questions are addressed through FCPS’ Student Health and Safety Guidance Document for 2020-2021.


How does returning actually benefit the kids social and emotional well being if they are required to practice social distancing and wear masks? What will collaboration between students/student groups look like?

In most instances, students are reporting being happy and feeling positive about returning to school. They are enjoying interacting with their peers and having an in-school routine. We will plan for frequent community building and social emotional learning that both in-person and virtual students will benefit from.


What is the plan for cleaning and sanitizing surfaces within the school? What is the plan for cleaning and sanitizing high traffic surfaces, such as bathroom door handles, faucets, classroom door handles, etc. and who will be responsible for ensuring that the sanitization has occurred?

Measures will be implemented to ensure that common areas and equipment, and personal workspaces, are regularly cleaned and sanitized. OFM has worked closely with FCPS custodians to adjust their cleaning processes to better address current considerations. FCPS custodians are using effective disinfectant and sanitizing products to clean our facilities every day. Along with these measures, they are taking the following steps to maximize our sanitizing efforts:

Refreshed Cleaning Methods/Processes- FCPS cleaning personnel will be sanitizing and disinfecting restrooms more frequently. Their cleaning protocol will include thoroughly disinfecting and sanitizing all surfaces, doors, toilets, handles, etc. and ensuring that all supplies are always fully stocked.

Increased Cleaning to High-Touch Surfaces/Points- FCPS cleaning crews will be sanitizing touch surfaces/points thoroughly (i.e., door handles, glass, elevators buttons, doors, tables, chairs, light switches). Daytime custodians have been instructed to continuously disinfect and sanitize all touch points throughout the day. In addition, we will be increasing daytime custodian coverage where appropriate, depending on building occupancy.


If my family travels out of state for Thanksgiving, or Christmas, will I be required to quarantine my kids for 10-14 days before sending them back to school?

daily health screening, using Covid-19 Health Screening Questions, will be required for all students attending in-school instruction. The health screening tool is available in EnglishAmharicArabicChineseFarsiKoreanSpanishUrdu and Vietnamese.

As indicated in the Parental/Guardian Health Screening Commitment form, parent/guardians, will complete the health screening each morning, prior to sending the student to school. In order to reduce the spread of communicable disease to student and staff, it is critical that parents/guardians accurately complete this screening daily and keep students home from school when exhibiting any symptoms. ** These health screenings will be done on an honor basis and will not be required to be submitted to the school. **

Parents/guardians will be required to make this commitment for all school-aged children in their household.

Parents/guardians will receive frequent reminders from FCPS via multiple modes of communication, reminding them to complete their daily health screening and to keep sick students at home. These communications will be developed in collaboration with the Office of Communication and Community Relations (OCCR), Office of Professional Learning and Family Engagement (OPLFE) and Language Services.

Students whose parent/guardian have not returned a signed the Parent/Guardian Health Screening Commitment form will be required to have their temperature taken daily by school staff until the form is received.

If the temperature of the student is greater than or equal to 100.4° Fahrenheit, the student will be escorted or sent to the predetermined isolation room for further screening. Students will be escorted by an adult who will maintain 6 feet of social distancing. For any student being sent home, parents/guardians or approved designee are to pick up their student within **one hour.**


How are we really supposed to trust that everyone is going to keep their sick kids home and take temps everyday?

We are One Stratford. We have to take care of one another and collectively commit to the health and safety of our entire community.


Will barriers be placed on tables between students?

No. Tables have been exchanged for student desks.


What will the air circulation/purification/HVAC look like, especially since the windows do not open?$file/Addressing%20Ventilation%20in%20Schools%20-%20A%20Comprehensive%20Report.pdf


At what point (symptom wise) will students be asked to go get a covid test? Meaning, if they have a sore throat and runny nose, will they need to get tested, or only if they have a fever?

What will happen if there is a Covid case at school? Will the entire community be told? Will everybody go back to all-virtual?

FCPS is working collaboratively with the Fairfax County Health Department (FCHD) to develop protocols for students that become ill during the school day. Each case will be handled individually in accordance with the FCHD established communicable disease and contact tracing protocols.

FCHD protocols for FCPS and principals will be available prior to students being phased into in-person learning.

FCHD protocol will be followed should it become necessary to inform parents/guardians of any communicable disease outbreak.


FCHD/FCPS COVID Case Reporting, Contact Tracing and Communication Process

Becoming Ill While at School

Students demonstrating fever greater than or equal to 100.4F, new chills, new cough, new sore throat, new muscle aches, new loss of taste or smell, nausea, or diarrhea will be sent home from school. Parents/guardians will be notified and are expected to pick up their child within one hour of notification. Parents are to check into the front office.


Returning to School After Illness

Families will receive guidance from the Fairfax County Health Department (FCHD) Public Health Nurses (PHNs) and School Health Aides (SHAs), identified as the school health team as to when their student can return to in-person learning.

Students who are showing signs of COVID Like Illness may not return to school until:

Student has tested negative for COVID-19 OR

A healthcare provider has seen the student and documented a reason for the symptoms other than COVID-19 OR 

 All of these are true: 

1) at least 10 days since the start of symptoms AND 

2) fever free off anti-fever medicines for 24 hours AND

3) symptoms are getting better

Students who have been diagnosed with COVID-19, may not return until: 

It has been at least 10 days since my child first had symptoms AND 

My child has had no fever off anti-fever medicines (ex: Tylenol, Ibuprofen) for 24 hours AND

My child’s symptoms are getting better 

Students who have been exposed to COVID-19:

If someone in the household has been diagnosed with COVID-19, or the student is exposed, the student must remain home for 14 days after their last exposure to the household member.


Response to COVID Case in a Cohort/Classroom

 With one confirmed case of COVID, the classroom will transition to 100% virtual learning for up to 14 days from the date of onset. Fairfax County Health Department (FCHD) Public Health Nurses (PHNs) and School Health Aides (SHAs), identified as the school health team, will support the contact tracing process in our schools during this time. School staff, students and additional staff, such as transportation staff and related services providers, that are identified by the PHN will be transitioned to distance learning or teleworking as part of this cohort. These individuals will receive notification, as directed by the FCHD. The community will also be notified that a COVID case has occurred in a cohort and the contact tracing process has been initiated. 

Upon the conclusion of contact tracing, cleaning and disinfecting, students and staff in the cohort will be notified as to when they will return to in-person learning. The length of time for this process may be shorter than 14 days based on results of contact investigation and tracing by the FCHD. The community will also be notified that the contacting tracing has been completed and of any further recommendations.


 Response to Two or More COVID Cases in a School

 As related to school closure, FCPS will work closely with the FCHD to make the determination as to whether or not an entire school will be required to transition to distance learning based on contact tracing. Should multiple linked cases occur, the community will receive immediate communication of an outbreak and all students would be transitioned to distance learning for a period of time. A follow up communication will go out to the community when in-person learning may resume, as recommended by the FCHD.


What is the room max of students?

Most SLES classrooms have a 15-student capacity limit.


Do the kids sit at the same desk every day?



Will there be an opportunity for students who are new to SLES to visit the school (like a tour so they know where their classroom is) ahead of returning to school?

No. We do not believe we will be able to provide private tours or visits.


Will specialists visit every classroom? If so, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of keeping children in small groups and not mixing with each other?

We are still brainstorming. We believe in most instances students will travel to the specialist’s classroom.


How are you protecting students with food allergies while meals are being eaten in the classroom?

What plan is in place for if a student becomes aggressive and a class needs to evacuate their classroom?

We will maintain social distancing and follow pre-Covid safety measures.

Questions About Technology

Questions about Technology

What if my child did not get a laptop from the county, can I still get one?



What about kids who are using non-school laptops at home but choose in-person learning.

FCPS has a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy.


What kind of technology will teachers have access to in class to facilitate online/in-person collaboration?

We are upgrading all Smartboards. Smartboards have a voice amplification device. We are purchasing additional monitors so teachers will have a laptop and an additional monitor to support concurrent instruction. We have purchased document cameras for teachers. We are exploring Go Pro devices to support concurrent instruction when classes are outside. Teachers have been given permission to use Google Meet (upgraded collaboration features).