2023-2024 Yearbook Cover Contest


Attention all STUDENT ARTISTS! It’s time to create your artwork for the 2023-2024 Yearbook Cover Contest! The first-place winner will have their artwork featured on the front cover of the 2023-2024 yearbook.

This contest is open to ALL current students of Stratford Landing Elementary School, and the artwork should reflect your feelings about being part of the school community!


• The following text must appear in your artwork:

Stratford Landing Elementary School Yearbook 2023-2024

Stratford Landing: Tell Your Story

• Check all text for spelling! Check all text to make sure all words are included! We cannot include artwork if it has misspellings or missing words.

• The artwork should reflect the yearbook theme (Stratford Landing: Tell Your Story)

• Artwork must be on an 8.5” x 11” paper (copier or printer paper is acceptable, but cardstock is preferred) – all other sizes of artwork and lined notebook paper will NOT be considered for the yearbook contest.

• Artwork must be positioned in portrait format (NO landscape format) to fit the yearbook cover.

• All artwork must be original and individually created.

• Parents may NOT assist their child in the creation of the piece.

Deadline and Submission Instructions

• All artwork must be submitted by end of day on Friday, December 8, 2023.

• Please upload your art to the yearbook’s Google Form: https://forms.gle/6uD5x96TV7cBdD1n6

Please keep your original artwork in a safe place until we announce the contest winner. We might need your original.

If you have questions, please contact Isabel Fernandez or Rebecca Benner at @email.