Volunteers Wanted!

Family Volunteers

Volunteers are essential to the success of Fairfax County Public Schools. Many enriching and worthwhile experiences are afforded to our children through volunteer help from families. Every day, volunteers change the lives of students across FCPS and we offer several ways for people in the community to get involved.

SLES welcomes volunteers in many capacities. Please complete the volunteer training to learn more and sign up!

  • Reading, Writing, and Math Buddies
  • WHISK Folders
  • Room Parent
  • Library
  • Clerical Work (e.g., making copies, hanging up student work, creating bulletin boards)

All volunteers are required to review and complete a volunteer training below prior to starting a volunteer position at Stratford Landing ES. Once you have viewed the presentation, fill out the form below it.

Additionally, volunteers that will be working directly with students regularly (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, 2-5 per month, several times a year) must formally apply to FCPS as a volunteer (non-paid position).

After a volunteer completes the intent form to volunteer at SLES, those that will be working directly with students should receive an email from FCPS with a link to apply to volunteer in FCPS - this may be a few days.

After they apply to volunteer via the link in the FCPS email, Human Resources will get in contact with the volunteer directly to schedule a background check, including fingerprinting, on-site, at the Gatehouse Administration Center. This timeline varies.

Once an FCPS volunteer who will be working directly with students is fully onboarded, they will receive an FCPS issued ID and Badge. 

In order to work directly with students on a regular basis, you must be a “badged volunteer.” Badged volunteers still must check in at the office and should only be in the building during their scheduled time to volunteer that has been arranged with a SLES staff member.

Volunteers that do not work with students, or maybe volunteering just for a special event (once or twice a year), do not need background checks and can be invited by SLES staff to volunteer.

  • Some examples are
    • Wednesday folders
    • Field Trips
    • Rock and Run 
    • Mystery readers, writers or special guests 
    • Room Parents (if they are not working with students regularly)
    • Families invited in for a PBL, morning meeting or publishing party
    • Sixth Grade Picnic 
    • Picture Day 
    • Field Day 

Important volunteer information from FCPS 

Volunteer Training Presentation