Inclusion and Advocacy Group

By SLES Inclusion and Advocacy Group Co-Chairs
For Parents
November 06, 2020

Stratford Landing Elementary School supports a diverse group of learners!  Navigating the educational system can be challenging, especially when your student requires specific supports for learning.  SLES has an Inclusion + Advocacy group whose mission is to provide an advocacy, connection and collaboration point for families with students in the IEP/504 process, while continuing to support and promote an inclusion-advocate culture at SLES with all staff, families and students.  We aim to highlight inclusion efforts at SLES, promote collaboration with your education team,  as well as increase awareness and acceptance of differences.  Please feel free to reach out to the front office at SLES and or our group. The co-chairs of the group are Erica Kraft and Jenn Scully, visit our I+A Group on the PTA website for contact. 



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