Welcome Back To School, Students!

By Kevin Morris
Principal's Corner
September 08, 2020

Dear Stratford Landing Students, 

Here is a message from Mr. Morris to you! Bubbles and Waverly wanted to say hello, too. After you watch these videos, you can complete these asynchronous (independent learning) activities during the month of September.

Have fun and welcome back to school! Be awesome! 

A message to students from Mr. Morris


A message to students from Bubbles and Waverly 


Asynchronous Activities

Mr. Morris said that this would be something you would really remember when you’re older. When you’re an adult. You won’t ever forget going to school at a computer and not being able to play with your friends. What about experiencing this pandemic together will be so memorable and unforgettable? Sometimes we can’t forget sad things. Why have these last 6 months been so unusual? Pretend you’re 100 years old telling little children about Covid-19 and the year 2020. You can write a script and then act it out in front of your family.

Scientists are working hard to create and discover ways to keep us healthy and safe. Write a thank you poem for a scientist. What would you like to say to them?

As a family, choose 1 part of Dolphin Decree and make that a family goal for the next 3 months. Make a list of ways you can meet that goal together. Be specific. How can you help your family?


Imagine you discovered the vaccine (or a cure) for Covid-19! Write about a day in your life as a young scientist, now famous for helping the world stay healthy! 

Make a list of the positives things that have happened to you or your family, despite the pandemic. Write a story about one of the items on your list. 

As a family, choose 1 letter in C A R E S each month for the next 5 months. Make that part of C A R E S a family goal each month. Lead a C A R E S meeting every week with your family. Make an agenda for the meeting. What are important things to do together as a family?

Make a list of 10 cool things you would like your teacher to try during virtual learning.

Create a commercial for virtual learning at Stratford Landing elementary. Write a script and perform for you family. 

What does trying everyday during virtual school look like? Make a checklist and try to follow it everyday. 

Write about the first thing you will do as a family when we’re really sure we can stay safe from getting sick with Covid-19. Use all 5 senses in your writing.

Think of 5 words that describe the worst things about life during a pandemic. Think of 5 words that describe the best things about life during a pandemic. Use all 10 words in a poem about Pandemic Life as a Kid!

Write your teacher a thank you note for their hard work during the summer getting school ready for you. It really was a lot of work, but they were so happy to do it. Your teachers value you, love you and care about you very much and they are working very hard to help you!

Make a list of 5 ways you can be helpful, safe and cooperative when you are learning in an online classroom?

Make a compliment list for Bubbles and Waverly – what were all the helpful, safe things they did on the video?

Make a list of 10 topics or kinds of stories you would like to read about, and then see if our SLES library have books that fit your interests and lists.

Write reviews of books you read from the SLES library. At the end of the year we’ll collect all of the reviews!