Volunteer Sign-Up Form

Family Volunteers 

Volunteers are essential to the success of Fairfax County Public Schools. Many enriching and worthwhile experiences are afforded to our children through volunteer help from families. Every day, volunteers change the lives of students across FCPS and we offer several ways for people in the community to get involved.

SLES welcomes volunteers in many capacities. Please complete the volunteer training to learn more and to sign up!

  • Academic tutoring
  • WHISK Folders
  • Room Parent
  • Lunchtime
  • Discovery Garden
  • Clerical Work (e.g., making copies, hanging up student work, creating bulletin boards)


All volunteers are required to review and complete a volunteer training prior to starting a volunteer position at Stratford Landing ES. The volunteer training presentation is available below in both a slideshow version and a text version.

Volunteer Training Presentation

Our Volunteers at Stratford Landing provide ....

  • Provide positive relationships with our students and staff
  • Share their talents and interests to support our students and staff
  • Support our operational and instructional needs at SLES

How Do I Start?

  • Contact your student(s) classroom teacher(s) or other SLES staff members, such as our art teachers, to indicate your interest in volunteering; some classroom teachers or specialists may not have volunteer opportunities for families; this is a teacher choice
  • Contact your student(s) Room Parent(s) indicating your interest
  • Contact @email to express your interest in volunteering for the PTA or at SLES

Possible Volunteer Opportunities

Teachers will provide additional direction for volunteers 

  • Reading/Writing with students; ask questions, focus on content, help students add details to writing, have writing conferences with students  
  • Math with students; play math games, lead a math center
  • Wednesday Folders; organize Wednesday folders for teachers
  • Lunchtime support; assist monitoring students during lunch hours
  • Discovery Garden; support students working in our garden
  • Other supports for staff; making copies, hanging student work, creating bulletin boards, etc.

Covid-19 Protocols and Expectations

  • Volunteers must wear masks at all times while on school grounds (both inside and outside* - *less than 6ft from students; we prefer always)
  • By late October, 2021 all FCPS employees will be required to be vaccinated against Covid-19 or submit to routine negative Covid-19 tests
  • We prefer our family volunteers are fully vaccinated

Volunteers should complete the FCPS health screener each time they are at SLES to volunteer

Volunteer Procedures and Expectations

  • When volunteering in the school building, you will always check in at the front office each day to get a volunteer sticker; you cannot be in the building without first checking in with the front office to receive this sticker. Please bring your driver’s license so our system can generate a visitor sticker for you.
  • Our Family Liaison, Kate Pennington and Office Assistant, Pearl Graham, can assist you as needed
  • Please be on time for your scheduled volunteer time; if possible, try to swap your scheduled time if you are unable to attend
  • As a volunteer, you are expected to keep interactions with students and staff confidential. All information concerning students, staff and our school should remain in the school setting. This includes student performance, student behavior, conversations heard amongst staff, incidents/experiences with students and health and medical issues. 
  • Breach in confidentiality will result in you being uninvited to volunteer at Stratford Landing.  
  • We ask our volunteers to maintain a caring and professional attitude, be prompt and dependable

Volunteers should not discipline or respond to escalated behavior incidents with students and should report any student concerns directly to a staff member. You may provide kind reminders or redirections to students.

Thank You!

We appreciate your time, commitment, energy and enthusiasm. Our partnerships are invaluable and our SLES family volunteers impact our students, staff and school in positive, meaningful ways and contribute to our caring culture.