Virtual Learning for 2020-2021

24/7 Learning Opportunities by Grade Level - FCPS

FCPS has provided grade level resources for continued learning opportunities for both students and parents.  These resources are accessed through Blackboard 24/7. 


FCPS Cable Channels Provide Instructional Learning Lineup: 8am-5pm

Cable Channels with Instructional Learning Lineup

TV Guide For Program Listings

Additional instructional videos are being developed/recorded and will be added into the lineup as they are available.

LIVE Stream

Channel 21 Standard Definition (SD), 1021 High Definition (HD) is Elementary Programming 

Channel 25 Standard Definition (SD), 1025 High Definition (HD) is Middle School Programming 

Channel 99 Standard Definition (SD), 1099 High Definition (HD) is High School Programming  

Digital Learning @Home

Setting up a Workspace at Home

  • Gather Supplies (Pens, pencils, tablets, books, etc.) 

  • Establish a comfortable workspace 

  • adequate lighting 

  • electrical outlet nearby 

  • comfortable seating to support posture  


Supporting Good Digital Citizenship 

The Basics:


Learning Opportunities for Parents:


Additional Supports:

Google’s Digital Citizenship Family Resources

Tips for Online Learning Success

  • Dedicate a space for you to do your work, where your computer will be on a level surface. Remember that everyone can see where you are working when your camera is on. 
  • Communicate with your teachers via email (your student ID# Also use this email to reach out to counselors and other school staff.
  • Stick to a schedule.
  • Follow the schedule for meeting with teachers. Use the other days to complete assigned work and check in when needed.

 Be open and flexible to learn this new way together!

Additional Tips For Online Learning Success

Learning At Home: Support For Families