SLES Staff and Students Setting Up Get2Green!

October 24, 2023

Stratford Landing is making significant strides in promoting sustainability and environmental awareness through the innovative Get2Green program. Students at Stratford Landing have embraced this initiative, transforming their school into a hub for recycling and gardening practices, fostering a sense of responsibility and ecological stewardship. This supports the United Nations Sustainable Goals.

Get2Green, a comprehensive environmental education and sustainability program, has provided Stratford Landing students with invaluable resources and opportunities to engage with eco-friendly practices. Through this program, students have developed a deep appreciation for the environment and a strong desire to protect it.

Recycling efforts at Stratford Landing have been rejuvenated thanks to Get2Green. Students have embraced the concept of recycling and are actively participating in the collection and sorting of recyclables. The school has clarified uses of recycling bins in classrooms and common areas, making it convenient for students to deposit paper, plastic, and other recyclable materials. The Get2Green program also educates students about the environmental benefits of recycling, encouraging them to reduce waste and reuse materials.

In addition to recycling, Stratford Landing students have been cultivating a thriving garden, contributing to the local ecosystem and enhancing their understanding of sustainability. The school's garden program, bolstered by Get2Green, has introduced students to the fundamentals of horticulture, biology, and healthy eating. It has also become a source of pride for the students, who have taken ownership of their garden beds and regularly participate in tending to the plants.

Our school’s ultimate goal is to attain Eco School Certification. Please let us know if you are interested in joining this effort. Contact Thao Nguyen if you are able to help.