Getting to School

Students cannot be dropped off until 8:55 a.m. Students should report directly to class at this time unless they eat breakfast at school in the morning. By the second bell at 9:10 a.m., students should be in their classrooms. 



Students who are walking to school should plan to arrive at door #1 or door #9. Students are dismissed from doors #1, #5, #8, and #9. All entrances are clearly marked. Establishing a regular location to meet your child is the best way to prevent anxiety and ensure a safe trip home daily.  

Picture of Door 1


Picture of Door 2


Picture of Door 5


Picture of Door 8


Bike Riders

Students who bike to school must walk their bikes on sidewalks in the front and sides of the school. Students may ride their bikes on the back path but pedestrians have the right of way. There are bike racks where students can lock their bikes in the front and back of the school. Please lock all bikes/scooters/skateboards.

If your child rides his/her bike/scooter/skateboard to school, please make sure you child has the following:

  • Understanding of road safety
  • A helmet
  • A bike lock

Kiss & Ride

If you live close enough to walk, we encourage this practice to help us reduce our morning and afternoon traffic. If you had a Kiss & Ride number last year, your child’s teacher will have the same number for you this year, no need to stop by the Kiss & Ride table. Kiss & Ride students are dismissed from the cafeteria daily through door #9.

Picture of Door 9


Bus Riders

Please note that Kindergarten students must be met by an adult in the afternoon at the bus stop.  Kindergarten students will not be allowed to exit the bus without an adult to meet them. Should your kindergarten student not be met by an adult, they will be returned to the school and will need to be picked up.  If your kindergarten child is a bus rider, they will have a piece of yellow tape placed on their backpack strap to let everyone know that they are in kindergarten and need to be met by an adult.  Please do not remove this tape, as we use this as a safety precaution. 

To assist with keeping families notified about bus tracking locations, FCPS has developed a "Here Comes The Bus" mobile app.


We take the safety and security of our students very seriously at Stratford Landing. FCPS policy requires us to monitor every adult that enters the building. Because of this, we cannot allow parents to walk their students to classrooms. We do make one exception to this rule for new students during the first week of school. Please know that we recognize that this special time is sometimes harder for parents than it is for the students. We encourage you to let your child try entering the building on their own on the first day of school. Any parents in the building during the first week of school need to exit the building by 9:10 am so that we can begin to establish our classroom routines. We appreciate your support.