Kiss & Ride Procedures

Kiss and Ride Procedures

  • NO CELL PHONE use while in Kiss and Ride line.
  • Ensure that your Kiss and Ride number is clearly visible or readily available to hold up.
  • Staff will NOT open car doors during unloading or loading, so please make sure your child knows how to open the door or be ready to quickly open the door for them.
  • Likewise, staff will NOT be able to assist with seatbelts or carseats.
  • Drop off and pick up your child only in the Kiss and Ride traffic pattern.
  • Pull your car forward as far as possible in the line and wait for a staff member to send your child to your car.  DO NOT direct your child to come to the car.
  • Students may unload and load ONLY in front of the YELLOW POLES.
  • Make sure that your child exits and enters your car only on the building (passenger) side.
  • Do not pass other cars in line unless directed by staff; proceed with caution.
  • Be aware of pedestrians.
  • Go directly to Riverside Road to exit the parking lot.
  • Do not use the bus access lane in front of the school unless directed by staff.
  • Keep goodbyes brief as other drivers are waiting behind you.

Drive Carefully. Everyone’s safety is important to us!

** If you would like to drop off and pick up your child(ren), please complete the Transportation Form to sign up for a Kiss & Ride number. **