Getting to School

Students cannot be dropped off until 8:55 a.m. Students should report directly to class in the morning. By the second bell at 9:10 a.m., students should be in their classrooms. Please let us know how your child will be arriving to, and dismissing from, school each day using our Transportation Form.

Students may get breakfast by using their pin number or report directly to class. Students may choose to eat breakfast in the cafeteria or the classroom.


Students who are walking to school should plan to arrive at door #1 & #4. Walkers should arrive no earlier than 8:55 am. A SLES staff member will be at door #1 and door #4. Please let us know if a staff member is not present at 8:55 am. Students are dismissed from doors #4 & #5 (our back doors). All entrances are clearly marked. Establishing a regular location to meet your child is the best way to prevent anxiety and ensure a safe trip home daily.

Picture of Door 1



Fill out this form if your student will be biking to school. We have 3 bike racks in the back of the building and two bike racks in the front.  Bikes should be walked everywhere on campus, including the sidewalk in the back of our building. Pedestrians always have the right of way.

bike racks

Kiss & Ride

If you live close enough to walk, we encourage this practice to help us reduce our morning and afternoon traffic. If you would like to drop off and pick up your child(ren), please complete the Kiss & Ride form to sign up for a Kiss & Ride number. Once your family has been assigned a Kiss & Ride number, the K&R card will be placed in your child's teacher's mailbox to go home with your child on their first in-person day of school. Kiss & Ride students arrive on the side of the school. Students are dismissed from the cafeteria daily through door #9.

Please do not park or load and unload on Riverside Road. Please use our Kiss and Ride. Riverside Road can be congested and dangerous during school arrival and dismissal.

Picture of Door 9


Bus Riders

Please note that Kindergarten students must be met by an adult in the afternoon at the bus stop. Kindergarten students will not be allowed to exit the bus without an adult to meet them. Should your kindergarten student not be met by an adult, they will be returned to the school and will need to be picked up. If your kindergarten child is a bus rider, they will have a piece of yellow tape placed on their backpack strap to let everyone know that they are in kindergarten and need to be met by an adult.  Please do not remove this tape, as we use this as a safety precaution. 

To assist with keeping families notified about bus tracking locations, FCPS has developed a "Here Comes The Bus" mobile app.

For student safety and security reasons, families are not permitted to walk their children to class in the morning. Adults should always check in at the front office upon arrival. A picture ID is required to check students out of school, as well as receive a visitor’s badge.