Artsonia: Bringing Technology into the Art Classroom

Artsonia: Bringing Technology into the Art Classroom

Artsonia is a safe online art gallery for young artists from all over the globe. At SLES, we use this tool to upload pictures of all our students’ artwork (who have registered accounts). Throughout the year, we plan on having online peer critiques (commentary) with our 3rd – 6th grade students through the use of iPads and laptops to improve communication skills. Students will be given voice and choice when responding to their classmates’ artwork. This is especially important for students who do not share as much during class. Additionally, we hope to have students write personal artist statements about their artwork. This will teach your child both reflection and writing skills. However, we cannot do all of these amazing things unless your child is registered through Artsonia! You can also email Ms. Schickel ([email protected]) or Mrs. Burke (@email) directly for information on how to do this.

By giving permission, you have the power to:

  • Receive Artwork Notifications - Parents and fan members receive emails letting them know when new artwork is available to view online. 
  • Approve Comments - Parents and fans leave encouraging comments to help boost their child's artistic confidence. All comments must be approved by a parent before they become publicly visible. 
  • Invite Fan Members - Parents add friends and family to their child's fan club through their parent account. Fan members are alerted about new artwork and encouraged to leave comments or order keepsakes from our Gift Shop (20% of all orders go towards materials ordered for the art department at SLES)!
  • Discuss Artwork - We post the criteria used to assess the art projects, and questions prompting reflection or discussion.  Feel free to ask your child our prompting questions to find out more about his or her artistic choices!

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