One Stratford Commitment

We Are One Stratford 

Stratford Landing has committed to creating and ensuring our school community is unified and inclusive so that all students and their families feel both valued and supported.

We Are One Stratford graphic


AAP and General Education Bridges and Commonality

Regardless of whether your student is registered in a General Education or an Advanced Academic Program (AAP) classroom, you can expect your student will have access to rigorous and engaging academic content and learning opportunities, and these aspects of:

  • Community engagement
  • Family partnerships and supports for parents and caregivers
  • Inclusive special education practices 


Even apart, we are together ...

Whether our school is starting virtually or in-person, we are dedicated to making sure your families receive the same level of communication and engagement they always have. In order to make this happen, we will continue to foster these following aspects of Stratford Landing :

  • Collegiality, collaboration, and continuity
  • Access and opportunity for all students
  • One Fairfax and our commitment to equity