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Multi-Tiered Systems of Support for Students at Stratford Landing

In Fairfax County Public Schools, we use a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) to support our students. MTSS is:

● Teachers and schools using student data to plan for instruction

● Schools providing more time and support through intervention

● Students receiving support in academics, wellness, and behavior

Students might receive different tiers of support based on their needs:

● At Tier 1, all students receive high quality instruction that is aligned to grade level standards that meets your child’s needs and additional support as needed. Teachers and schools use data to plan for Tier 1 instruction for all students.

●At Tier 2, some students receive small group reteaching and intervention in addition to Tier 1. Teachers and schools use data to determine if students need tier 2 instruction.

●At Tier 3, few students receive intensive intervention, or intervention on specific area(s) of need based on data in addition to Tier 1, and possibly Tier 2. Teachers and schools use data to determine if students need tier 3 instruction.

Intervention is additional, meaningful instruction and skill building based on research for your student, as needed.

·        At Stratford Landing ES, we use a 30-minute time block during the day called, “Dolphin Time” to provide interventions to students who need them in reading, math, behavior, and wellness.

·        During this time, students who need intervention in reading engage in a program called UFLI Foundations, an explicit and systematic program that teaches students the foundational skills necessary for proficient reading.

·        Some students may also engage in a program called Orton Gillingham, in which students are learning language by ear (listening), mouth (speaking), eyes (seeing), and hand (writing). The delivery of instruction follows a well-defined scope and sequence, which provides a logical progression of skills that move from simple to more complex.

Please find more information about MTSS on the FCPS website:

Understanding Your Child’s Assessment Scores, Fall Assessment Reporting for Families and Student Progress Conferences

At our most recent Parent & Guardian Advisory Council meeting, we had a dialogue and discussion around beginning of the year assessment results for students. As a result, Stratford Landing will continue to support our families so they may fully understand their child’s progress and assessment data. Here is a helpful link from FCPS to help families understand some assessment results. We will continue to work as a school to ensure we are communicating student data clearly to families.

If you have any questions regarding a specific assessment, please contact our Assistant Principal and School Testing Coordinator, Ms. LaChelle Williams.