Virginia Career View

VA Career is a great website for elementary school students to learn about work. Try it! Go to and click on one of the tabs below:

Career Town: Play video games to learn about different kinds of jobs.

Kid Search: Click on the "Interest" button, then select all of the things you like from the list. The computer will show you a list of careers you might enjoy based on your answers.

Unusual Occupations: Have you ever dreamed of being an engineer who designs roller coasters? Or a dolphin trainer? Or working for NASCAR? Check out this page to learn what education and skills you need to land the career of your dreams!

There are lots of other puzzles and games for you here too. Click around and check it out!

Grades Pre-K to 2: Whose Hat Is This?

Grades 2 to 4: When I Grow Up

Grades K to 4: Careers For Kids Series

Grades 4 to 6: NED's Career Day Series