Health and Physical Education

Welcome  to the Stratford Landing Elementary School Physical Education Department

  • Our goal in the Physical Education Department is to provide an environment where each and every student feels a sense of belongingness; where students feel safe to challenge themselves as they build self-confidence while focusing on cooperation, fair play, and responsible participation in physical activity.
  • We follow the school-wide Responsive Classroom approach and firmly believe that the social and emotional curriculum is as important as the academic curriculum.
  • We emphasize knowledge and skills for a lifetime of physical activity where we meet the needs of ALL of our students, regardless of athletic ability or experience.
  • We teach self-management skills, such as goal-setting and self- monitoring and feature cooperative, as well as competitive games.  However, success is not measured by the final score of a particular game, but instead by each student’s improvement and interaction with peers.
  • Finally, and perhaps most importantly… students should LOVE coming to Physical Education class.  We are building a culture of caring students who have fun and enjoy the time spent in our class.  We welcome parents to join their child in our class; either as a spectator or even better… as an active participant.

Good health & good fun go hand in hand at Stratford Landing!

Our Health and Physical Education Teachers