Fun with iPads in PreK

November 13, 2023

In today's exciting world of education, our littlest learners are discovering a new way to learn and play with the help of iPads. These magical devices bring a world of interactive adventures right into the classroom, making learning fun and engaging.

Preschoolers love the colorful and interactive apps that help them learn letters, numbers, and shapes. With just a touch on the screen, they can explore the alphabet, count friendly animals, and even draw colorful masterpieces. They love exploring art with Wixie, math with Jiji on ST Math, and all the subjects on Starfall.

Teachers use iPads to create exciting lessons that capture our attention. We can listen to stories, sing along to songs, and solve puzzles together. These tech-savvy tools help us practice important skills while making learning feel like playtime.

But wait, there's more! iPads also teach us about teamwork. We can share with our friends, take turns, and learn together on these cool devices. Preschool is a time for fun, and iPads are our trusty companions on the learning adventure! Students have a unique opportunity for parallel play through use of their devices.

Our iPads in preschool classrooms are like magic windows to a world of learning. They make school a place of joy and discovery, helping us build a strong foundation for future success. So, let's tap, touch, and learn our way through preschool with our favorite little helpers – the iPads!