Building Resiliency

Resiliency is the ability to bounce back when faced with stress and adversity which is especially necessary in age of COVID-19.

While these stressful events may create a range of emotional responses in each of us, research shows that most individuals are resilient in the face of difficult circumstances. Key ingredients to support resiliency and growth include managing and recognizing emotions, connecting with others, and practicing healthy coping skills.

Five Easy Ways to Build Resiliency

1. Stay connected! Have a virtual lunch bunch or play a game online with a friend!

2. Build confidence in your abilities by learning something new or challenging yourself.

Try a new recipe, craft, or skill.

3. Set goals. Daily or weekly goals can help you stay focused and foster a sense of accomplishment.

4. Practice gratitude. What and who are you thankful for? Make a list, write a letter, shout it out!

5. Unplug and recharge by practicing Self-Care


Try this self care activity with a family member or friend.

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