Calendars are subject to change. 

View the FCPS calendar online: .  This calendar includes holidays, breaks, grading periods, and early release dates.  Information about days missed and makeup days are also available. 

Parents can find the latest news about school events and happenings via the:

  • SLES Whisk Home Wednesday Folder.  Check your child’s folder weekly
  • SLES Digest: Regular newsletter
  • Keep in Touch e-mail system
  • Community Resource Center (school lobby)
  • PTA Facebook page and Twitter

Stratford Landing Communication Tips:

  • Encourage your child to communicate concerns/questions with the teacher on his/her own before you become involved in the conversation.
  • We encourage parents to discuss concerns with the teacher before contacting the school administration.
  • Allow 24 hours turnaround time on teacher communication, including emails. Concise, brief emails are preferred and helps our staff maximize their planning times.
  • Communicate to all teachers (including specialists) regarding important information about your child (i.e. illness, change in routine, death in the family, medication changes, etc.).
  • Communicate changes in transportation with the office and teacher by 2:15 p.m due to the busy nature of the office and classroom transitions at the end of the day. Please note that teachers do not check their email during instructional time, so alerting the office is best when emergencies arise.  We STRONGLY encourage parents to maintain the same dismissal schedule for students.  It is not possible for the office and classroom teacher to manage regular changes to dismissal which increases the risk of lost students at the end of the day.  Keeping the schedule the same daily reduces students' stress at the end of the day as well.
  • We foster student responsibility and we encourage parents to limit the number of times they bring forgotten items to school (lunch, instruments, etc...)  If parents drop off items, the office will send communication to the teacher via email regarding the item in the office.  Please note that phone calls are not made into the classrooms for forgotten items due to the disruption of instruction.  We appreciate conversations you have with your child about the importance of responsibility.
  • Our Stratford Landing staff believes it to be a priority to maintain open lines of communication between our parent and school community. Parents are encouraged to contact a teacher if they have a concern. All teachers have phones in their classrooms where a parent can leave a message during the school day. All teachers and staff also have e-mail addresses and can be contacted by e-mail. Please give 24 hours for a teacher or staff member to respond to your inquiry. Urgent matters that need to be communicated immediately should go through the front office. 
  • Email is best for communicating information, asking questions and making appointments, whereas face-to-face meetings or phone conversations are appropriate for larger issues. Please pre-arrange all meetings with your child's teacher. We kindly ask that families do not visit a classroom unannounced. For the safety of our staff and students, it is critical we know everyone that is in our building at any given time during the day.

How Do We Contact You?

Your emergency contact information is vital to us and to you.  It accompanies your child everywhere he or she goes – even on field trips.  Phone numbers, addresses, and the names of the adults you permit to take your child from school should all be kept current. 

You can input, access, and update your child’s emergency care information via the FCPS program, [email protected], which is available through the Parent View account on FCPS 24-7.  It is fast, easy, and safe.

The paper version of the emergency care form is still available.  It is not necessary to complete both the paper and the online version.