Lunch - How to Pay 

Parents can pay for their child's breakfast and/or lunch online, by check, or with cash.

  • Online: Parents can visit MySchoolBucks to add money to their student's cafeteria account, view fund balance and meal purchase history, and view notifications when the balance goes below the amount the parent has specified. MySchoolBucks is a secure online prepayment service that accepts MasterCard, Visa, or Discover transaction cards. Please know that no convenience fee will be charged.
  • Check:  Write a check to FCPS Food and Nutrition Services and bring the check to the cafeteria in the morning. Include your child’s name and teacher’s name. Parents who want their checks for meals only should write “MEALS ONLY” on their check. 
  • Cash:  Cash may be brought to the cafeteria in the morning to deposit on your student(s) account, or a student may pay cash on a daily basis.

The Lunch Menu has been provided for parents who would like a preview of the meals the school provides.

Meal Prices are as follows:

Student Breakfast $1.75

Student Lunch $3.25

Adult Lunch $4.50


Free or Reduced Meals

Food and Nutrition Services mail application forms to all families in August. If you do not receive an application before school begins, please feel free to access the application online or contact the FCPS Food and Nutrition Services Office at 703-813-4800.

Forms must be completed and returned each year for new or renewed consideration.

When a child is low on funds for meals, the parent will receive an electronic notice if the parent has created a Blackboard account or a MySchoolBucks account. A verbal notice will be given to your child when they are low on funds. 

More about FCPS Free and Reduced Meals

A la Carte

Snacks are available as a supplement to a school or home lunch. 


Healthy and Safe Meals

We strongly encourage healthy lunches and discourage students and families from bringing in fast food, carbonated soft drinks, and glass bottles. 


Join Your Child for Lunch

No advance notice is needed. All that is needed is for you to check in at the office and meet your child’s class in the lobby. We are always happy to see a parent, grandparent, or sibling come to eat with a student. It is a special occasion for the entire class. Visitors typically either purchase lunch from the cafeteria or bring a bag lunch from home. It is nice for the students to see that grownups also eat nutritious lunches. We ask that you do not bring in soft drinks or "fast-food" lunches. The sale of soft drinks to students is prohibited in all Fairfax County Public Schools, from elementary through high school, during the school day. The emphasis on nutritional eating is reflected in our health curriculum and in the selection of food sold in the cafeteria. We ask that when you come to eat lunch with your child, you help continue to model healthy, nutritious eating. It is your presence, more than anything that makes the occasion special for your child. Please wait until October so your child has time to settle into their school routine.

Adult lunches cost $4.50. Depending on the number of children in a certain class, there may be space constraints at the cafeteria tables for that class. Please see our custodian for an extra chair for your table.

FCPS Food and Nurtition Programs

Birthday Treats

Parents who want to provide a class treat should notify your child’s classroom teacher in advance. We strongly encourage non-food treats due to various allergies. This is very important for the monitoring of food allergies. Treats should be single portion finger foods that do not require adult assistance.  

You may also check with our food service manager for catered birthday treats for your child’s classroom. There are several items available at a small cost per child. Please deliver treats to the office by 9:00am or to the class at lunchtime. We would prefer food treats be served in the cafeteria in order to maintain the structure of the school day and prevent little critters from hanging out in our classrooms with the crumbs. Please bring enough single-serving treats for the entire class in grades PK-2.  Students in 3rd-6th grade sit in the cafeteria in pods (two classes combined) thus if you are bringing a treat for your child’s birthday, you have to bring enough for the entire pod (about 60). 

Birthdays are special for children.  Each child gets a birthday pencil and has his/her name scrolling on the TV announcements in addition to classmates and the teacher making the child feel a little special throughout the day.

Birthday party invitations cannot be distributed in class or through the Wednesday folder unless you are inviting the entire class.