Emergency Drills

A fire evacuation plan is posted in each room. Teachers will review the established procedures with students on the first day of school. When the alarm sounds, students will immediately stand and leave the room. Running is not permitted. Students are not permitted to talk during the drill and are to remain at least fifty feet away from the building until the signal is given to reenter. No one is to reenter the building until the principal or an authorized representative gives the signal. Every drill is to be treated as the "real thing." Fire drills occur monthly, and weekly for the first 20 days of school.

A tornado drill is also conducted two times a year. At the beginning of school, a "safe room" is designated for all teaching areas, and students are given instruction in safety procedures to follow in the event of a tornado.

Lockdown drills are also conducted three times a year to practice what would happen if a threat entered the school building. Same day notification will be given to parents to let them know a lockdown drill has occurred. Two lockdown drills must occur within the first 20 days of school.

Bus drills are conducted each semester to teach safety rules to bus riders.